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Overlock VS Interlock sewing machine
Nov 30, 2021

Many novice purchasers often don't understand the difference between an overlock and an interlock sewing machine. They are even more confused about whether to buy 3 threads, 4 threads, or 5 threads.

Today, editors from Topeagle have organized some pictures to help you better understand their differences and uses, so that partners in need can buy and use them.

Overlock VS Interlock sewing machine

The so-called overlock sewing machine, as the name implies, is a machine that wraps sewing. It has a variety of names, in addition to the overlock machine, it is also called the lockrand sewing machine, the edge machine, the serger machine, and the edge coding machine. It is mainly used to deal with the rough edges of fabrics so that they do not spread.

It looks like this (without shelves)

Overlock sewing machine looks like this

before and after overlock

The interlock sewing machine is used for flexible knitted fabrics, such as the cuffs and lower feet of clothing, as well as some underwear flattening. The seam machine is also called a cart.

It looks like this

interlock sewing machine  looks like this

Application of flat-seam

cuffs and lower feet of clothing

3 thread, 4 thread, and 5 thread in the overlock sewing machine 

The overlock sewing machine is divided into 3 thread, 4 thread, and 5 thread, that is when using the need to wear a few lines is called several wire machine. The differences and uses are as follows:

3 thread: it is used for over stitching of general woven fabrics. The stitching and over stitching is completed respectively.

3 thread

4 thread: it is generally used for knitted fabrics, the sewing and overlock sewing are completed at one time. For example, the sewing of T-shirts.

4 thread

5 threads: suture and overseam are also completed at one time, but the stitches are separated. The front of the suture is a straight line, and the back is in the shape of a chain. If it is accidentally stretched and broken, pull it along the thread, and the whole seam will crack. Generally, the factory uses this in mass production, which can greatly improve production efficiency.


To sum up, overlock sewing machines and interlock sewing machines are different machines and cannot replace each other. If you often make clothes, an overlock machine is necessary, while an interlock is not. If you rarely make knitted fabrics such as T-shirts and sweaters, you should buy an interlock sewing machine.

If you are looking for an overlock sewing machine OR interlock sewing machine, please contact:

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