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The characteristics of industrial lock stitch sewing machine
Oct 24, 2019

Industrial lock-stitch sewing machine is the largest machine in industrial sewing machine. The traditional structure mode consists of several large parts such as machine head, frame, motor, platen and wire frame. The machine head is the most important. The frame and platen is the support for the handpiece and the workbench for sewing.  In recent years, with the development of automatic control technology, controllers for automatic control have been added to the frame and platen of the automatic control industrial lock-stitch sewing machine.

Since the new century, on the basis of the continuous introduction of new varieties of industrial lock-stitch sewing machine, a new concept of sewing machine new varieties has been introduced. The structure of industrial sewing machine has made a big breakthrough in the traditional structural mode. There are some main representatives. The brand of “Brothers": DD7200 series high-speed industrial sewing machine launched by the company, DDL -9000 series high-speed industrial lock-stitch sewing machine launched by "heavy machine" company and so on.

These characteristics will become the technical trend of the development of industrial lock stitch sewing machine products in the 21st century. 

lock stitch sewing machine

1) The beauty and functions of  machine itself.

The advantage in appearance is that the machine is compact in structure and beautiful in appearance. The internal performance is characterized by the fact that the motor is directly connected to the sewing machine and the shaft is reduced, thereby reducing one transmission link. Thus, the transmission efficiency loss of the sewing machine is reduced, the transmission precision of the motor is improved, and the sewing is shortened. Start time, to achieve rhythmic sewing. Reduce the running noise and vibration of the sewing machine, create - a comfortable working environment. Reduce energy consumption, according to incomplete statistics, the power consumption is the lower than former. Due to the reduction of one belt drive link, the problem of the drive belt pollution environment be solved.


2) The embedded operation panel structure is one of the characteristics of structural integration.

The new high-speed industrial lock-stitch sewing machine automatically controls the sewing machine's operating panel with an embedded structure. It is directly arranged on the front side of the machine, wired in the inner cavity of the machine, beautiful in appearance, convenient in operation and compact in structure.

An operation panel equipped with an operation button is mounted in a mosaic manner on the front of the sewing machine head. The operator can easily set the sewing speed, the needle stop position, and select the sewing mode of various programs to improve the operation performance. Therefore, the sewing conditions can be controlled at any time to maintain reliable sewing quality.

3) Built-in winder structure is one of the characteristics of structural integration.

The new high-speed industrial lock-stitch sewing machine adopts a built-in structure, the winder device is arranged above the machine head, and the winder transmission mechanism is integrated into the inner cavity of the machine head. , the upper shaft drives the winder to move. The independently installed winder device on the platen is reduced, so that the machine has a compact structure, beautiful appearance and convenient operation.

4) The internal configuration controller structure is the development trend of structural integration.

For the new automatic high-speed industrial sewing machine, the controller and the foot controller are arranged under the platen and are still outside the machine head. With the simplification of the internal structure of the controller and the miniaturization of the components, the controller structure is directly disposed inside the handpiece. In terms of technology, there should be no special obstacles. In the economy, measures to reduce costs must be studied. In the future, an industrial lock-stitch sewing machine will be placed on the table, and the sewing operation can be realized by simply connecting the power supply after integration.

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