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The production process of 1+2 Face Mask Machine
Jun 07, 2021

Due to the many changes during the COVID-19 and the environment, we now have to wear face masks when we go out. As ordinary people, there are many requirements for the number of masks. Therefore, it is necessary for the mask factory to ensure that the masks is sufficient when producing it. Generally, we usually wear medical masks (disposable masks), so the automatic 1+2 Face Mask Machine is very common.

1+2 Face Mask Machine

Speaking of the working process of the one-to-two flat mask machine, including coil feeding, folding and pressing, nose bridge feeding, forming, cutting, ear strap feeding and welding, finished product blanking and other processes, and then complete the whole process , from the raw material of the coil to the finished face mask. The masks produced according to the entire process are not oppressive when worn. However, while paying attention to the number of face masks produced, we must also ensure its quality . The protection needs to be online. Don't ignore the protection of the masks.

The production process :

The production process of 1+2 Face Mask Machine is mainly: Unwind the whole roll of fabric firstly and then pass the roller to start driving, the placed fabric can be automatically folded and hemmed; then the nose bridge is rolled up and unrolled by traction, next it is cut to a fixed length and then imported into the edging fabric, the two sides are ultrasonically welded to the sealing place, At last, the ultrasonic lateral sealing can be carried out, the cutter is cut into shape; finally the mask is transported to the welding place of the ear loop of the two sides through the assembly line, the shaping step is using ultrasonic welding. After the mask is made, it can be transported through the assembly line to the flat belt line for collection.

production process of face mask

The process of masks is relatively strict, each needs to be integrated. Whether it is from the entry and exit of raw materials or the output of finished products, we need to strictly control it. After all, the wearing of masks requires protective. For the purpose of later wearing, we still need to screen each process!

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
    Tel: +86-29-68723798
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