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What is moccasin shoes?
Dec 01, 2017


As Called suture shoes, also known as Mark shoes. It is flat, comfortable features. (Formerly North American Indians wear no heel) soft leather flat shoes, Moccasin shoes.

 A kind of shoes by hand sutures vamps and soles (upper) of the shoes together; can also be understood as using the handbrake technology invented by Mark • Blaine all the shoes, can be called Mark shoes; Mark Braun invention invented handmade shoe technology refers to the hand-stitched upper and sole (shoe upper) together this process. The Origin of Mark's Shoes About the end of the eighteenth century, Sir Mark Blaine, a former chief engineer of the New York harbor, invented a press in which metal pins were used to sew upper and sole. Later, after the improvement and development, a unique handmade shoemaking process has been formed and has been extended to the present; the shoes made by this kind of process are commonly called Mark shoes. The characteristics of Mark shoes - Mark shoes means first is a handmade shoes - upper and sole are stitched together, rather than using viscose technology - shoes longer than the adhesive shoes, durable, durable - - Wearing comfort is better than viscose shoes.


TSH-2188 stitches 1.jpeg

TOPEAGLE brand moccasins shoe sewing machine is the idea shoe sewing equipment, which has the following models:

TSH-2781 Double Needle Feed off the Arm Sewing Machine for Moccasins Thread on the Upper

TSH-2747 Single Needle Moccasin Sewing Machine with Curved Needle

TSH-2188 Double Needle Ornamental Stitch Side Seam Sewing Machine

TSH-2081 Double Needle Shoe Upper Sewing Machine

TSH-2202 Mark Thread Shoe Making Sewing Machine

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