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What is the structure of qualified N95 masks?
Dec 30, 2020

There are currently three main types of medical face masks, protective medical face masks, medical surgical masks, and disposable surgical masks!

Protective medical face mask

medical face mask

Generally, it is made into a folding cone circle, which is our common N95 mask, which needs to meet the requirements of the GB19083 national standard. The two core technical indicators are that the filtration effect of non-oily fine particles with a diameter of 0.3 microns can reach more than 95%, and the barrier of bacteria with a larger diameter of 2 microns must reach 100%. Of course, the resistance to blood penetration is also very high. Requirements, as well as its own air permeability, which is usually used in serious infectious resource occasions. Qualified N95 masks are usually composed of the following structures:

1.25-35 grams of water-repellent polypropylene spunbond non-woven fabric, this layer of material is mainly used for blocking droplets;

2. 30-40 grams of water-repellent hot air non-woven fabric, this layer is mainly used for support, so that the cone-shaped mask will not collapse when it is tightened with the face;

3. 50-60 grams of electret melt blown cloth with electret masterbatch and high voltage piezoelectric treatment. This layer is the most core part. Only after electret treatment has a lot of charges on the melt blown cloth is the same. The charged 0.3 micron non-oily small particles have an efficient adsorption effect, usually more than 95%, which can only be tested by professional instruments. Some manufacturers also use two layers of 25-28 grams of electret melt blown cloth to achieve the effect of 50-60 grams of electret melt blown cloth!

qualified N95 masks

Civil masks

4. The hydrophilic spunbond non-woven fabric near the face, this layer mainly has a certain moisture absorption effect, avoiding too much fog!

Due to the low production capacity of N95 mask equipment, generally only 40-50 pieces per minute, melt blown cloth is also very urgent in recent times, especially the super-insulating electret masterbatch, which is heavily dependent on imports, so it is recommended to leave it to frontline medical staff Use with staff!

Civil masks are all flat. This is a mask with a lower level of protection than disposable medical masks. The structure is the same as disposable medical masks, except that the melt blown cloth used in the middle is ordinary melt blown cloth without electret treatment. This kind of barrier effect with only droplets, if the fiber is made thinner, it also has a short-term barrier effect on bacteria, but there is no adsorption between the charges. When inhaling, bacteria will enter the body with the pressure difference. The protection effect is average!

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