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What kind of fully automatic disposable face mask machine is worth buying?
Jul 27, 2020

Today the editor recommends a cost-effective, high-efficiency fully automatic face mask machine. This face mask machine is mainly controlled by a full servo system, with an efficiency of up to 100 pieces per minute, and fully automated production.

The high-speed automatic outer ear mask machine production line is the newly developed automatic high-speed mask production line, including automatic raw material feeding, automatic conveying, cutting nose strip, mask edge welding, folding, ultrasonic fusion, forming, cutting, transmission, The whole process of automatic turning, ear band welding, automatic discharging, etc. which is automated to complete the entire production process from the raw material of the coil to the finished mask.

Its newly optimized one-to-one outer ear mask machine adopts advanced full servo system control ,which is jointly researched and developed by professional engineers. It is a mask equipment with current production speed, high stability and complete configuration. It only needs to install raw materials. On the feeding rack, after the preparation is OK, the machine will automatically produce. Only one person is required to operate the packaging. The whole process of automatic production is fully realized. The equipment adopts ultrasonic welding method, which is beautiful in style, hygienic and environmentally friendly.

fully automatic face mask machine

Fully automatic face mask machine to meet product specifications.

The production object is mainly composed of three layers of non-woven fabric, the outer layer is a non-woven fabric that has been waterproofed, mainly used to isolate the liquid spewed out by the patient, the middle filter layer is used by the pole treatment of polypropylene melting non-woven;

Features of fully automatic face mask machine:

1. Automatic tension control of raw materials. Ensure that the tension of raw materials is balanced.

2. Photoelectric detection of raw materials to avoid errors and reduce waste.

3. It can produce three-layer mask body, and the surface length of the finished product conveyor belt is 1200mm.

4. The device has the function of total and batch counting, the number of batch count canbet can be set arbitrarily.

5. The whole machine uses sheet metal aluminum alloy structure, beautiful and strong does not rust.

6. Modular, user-friendly design for easy maintenance.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
    Tel: +86-29-68723798
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