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What will affect the heat sealing of the Hot Air Welding Machine?
May 18, 2020

Principle of heat sealing machine:

Hot Air Welding Machine is a use of external conditions (such as electric heating, high-frequency voltage and ultrasonic, etc.) to make the plastic film seal site heat into a sticky flow state, with the help of a certain pressure, the two films are combined into one, After cooling to maintain a certain strength and sealing performance, in order to ensure that the goods in the packaging, transportation, storage and consumption process can withstand a certain amount of external forces, to ensure that the goods do not crack, leakage, to achieve the purpose of protecting the goods.

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Factors affecting the sealing of the heat seal machine:

(1) Heat seal temperature: its role is to heat the adhesive film layer to a more ideal state of the adhesive flow. The viscous temperature and decomposition temperature of high polymers are the lower and upper limits of heat seals, the difference in the size of these two temperatures is an important factor in measuring the difficulty of heat sealing materials.

(2) Thermal seal pressure: its role is to make the film already in a sticky flow state between the sealing interface to produce effective polymer chain penetration, diffusion phenomenon, but also make the distance between polymer sorgconvergence to produce the result of intermolecular force. Low pressure of heat seal may result in improper heat seal; high pressure may cause some effective chain segments of viscous flow state to be extruded, resulting in semi-cut off state of heat seal part and lead to wire drawing.

(3) Heat seal time: refers to the film stay under the seal knife time, heat seal time determines the heat seal temperature, pressure and equipment production efficiency.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
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