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CISMA 2023 Theme Release - Intelligent Sewing Tech And Digitalization Solution
Nov 08, 2022

CISMA2021, which just passed, displayed the most advanced sewing technology, gathered the most sophisticated sewing products, covered the most abundant product categories, and was highly praised by professional audiences. It undoubtedly foreshadowed the trend of the sewing machinery industry in the future.

On CISMA2021, a large number of automatic and intelligent technologies for single sewing machines have emerged, which are mainly reflected in the automatic adjustment of needle pitch, presser foot pressure, thread tension, and self-sensing of material thickness. the product is driven by multiple motors. It can be programmed according to the user's needs to automatically complete the needle pitch switching. It has the functions of automatic thread cutting, automatic presser foot lifting, automatic thread loosening, etc., which can realize the intelligent control of the sewing process.

At the exhibition, a large number of template machines and pattern machines for sewing leather and down products were displayed. Through automatic recognition of template patterns, various sewing stitches such as straight lines, right angles, circles, and arcs were perfectly sewn to improve product consistency and processing quality; In terms of collecting materials by formwork machine and pattern machine, the degree of automation has been continuously improved. One person operates multiple machines, greatly improving work efficiency and reducing dependence on skilled workers.

CISMA2023 Theme Release

As the world's sewing equipment manufacturing base, China's products go global. Since 2019, the export of sewing machinery has exceeded domestic sales. For the global downstream industry, the improvement of labor cost, the diversity of personalized flexible production, the consistency of product quality, the requirements for product quality tracking, and the strengthening of the concept of green environmental protection, energy conservation, and emission reduction are all calling for more intelligent stand-alone and sewing unit products, especially through the system's digital scheme for production design, control, tracking, adjustment Feed back the refined layout and process management of each link to achieve high-quality, efficient and environmentally friendly production.

Whether it is traditional industries such as clothing, shoes and hats, bags, leather, down, home furnishing, or emerging fields such as industrial textiles, medical care, aerospace, especially biological intelligence, functional products, the demand for intelligent equipment and digital solutions is unprecedented. This soft and hard equipment will also become a powerful guarantee for cultivating core competitiveness in the future. The intelligent and digital system control of sewing machinery products will also be deepened, refined, enriched, and improved on a current basis.

Therefore, the theme of CISMA2023 is "Intelligent Sewing Tech and Digitalization Solution". Let's wait and see the wonderful debut of CISMA2023.

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