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8 advantages of ultrasonic lace machine
Aug 24, 2021

Advantages of ultrasonic lace machines:

1. Nonwoven special welding machine adoapts ultrasonic and special steel wheel to process, seal edge does not crack, as well as does not hurt the cloth edge, without burrs or curling ;

2. Nonwoven welding equipment has high efficiency, featured by low cost, rolling processing, 5 to 6 times faster than traditional machines ;

3. Nonwoven sewing machine manufacturing does not need to warm up, it can be continuous processing, fast, mass production. One seam can be completed at a time to achieve the effect of watertightness and airtightness;

4. Simple operation, while the traditional sewing machine operation is not much different, common sewing workers can also operate;

5. The use of ultrasonic welding, eliminating the need to change sewing thread frequently. Traditional sewing thread without break, textiles can be cut, sealed clean;

Ultrasonic Lace Machine

6. Multiple units can be combined into a special machine, a large width of products, such as quilts, umbrellas;

7. Processing does not smoke, produce sparks, and hurt the edges of cloth, but also to avoid burrs and materials, smooth and flat edges;

8. Stitching also plays a decorative role, with strong adhesion, waterproof effect is good, embossed is clear, the surface is more three-dimensional relief effect, featuring fast work speed, good product effect, high-grade aesthetics, quality assurance.

Applicable range

Ultrasonic lace machine is an efficient sewing embossing equipment, using the latest advanced ultrasonic welding , specifically for non-woven, dustproof cloth, synthetic fibers, knitted fabrics and other products, with sewing, welding, melting, embossing, cutting, spot welding, cutting edge, molding, printing, folding.   

Ultrasonic lace machine is an important tool and equipment to realize production mechanization and automation in modern industrial production and lifting transportation. After purchasing any lifting equipment, it needs to be transported, there are many places to pay attention to during the transporting. Lifting equipment can only reach the customer site intact if the stability and safety of the transport is ensured.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
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