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Choose a good brand Industrial embroidery machine manufacturers
Sep 08, 2021

Industrial embroidery machine provides a wide range of innovative technology and high-end embroidery market competitive advantage for users, it is suitable for high-end ready-to-wear customization, craft painting and gift customization, development and design embroidery process. Embroidery machine with different materials, colors of thread, by the flat embroidery machine head to make a soft fluffy special effect. The use of beading device achieve the liberation of hand-stitched beads , featuring less leakage rate .

Industrial embroidery machine use high-speed linear rail drive , its embroidery frame is the perfect and precision, the same embroidery machine operation is more intelligent, computer control screen can be rotated, with scale patterns and other editing functions. it also has some functions of ordinary computer embroidery machine, such as automatic cutting, fault alarm, intelligent embroidery, power failure to protect our machine, the machine is not subject to some unnecessary damage.

Industrial embroidery machine

Good brand -topeaglesewing industrial embroidery machine manufacturers

Features 1: automatic cutting line, intelligence excellent , automatic cutting line system, embroidery line head presents clean, good feel, reduce the wrinkle contraction of embroidery;

2: High-yield dry goods embroidery, lace butt precision can achieve a large number of needles embroidery, which can be accurate docking, even 86 head (15 meters long) of the machine is the same.

3: Rich in color to meet market demand 6-pin design, rich embroidery color, to meet the market multi-color needs.

4: Industrial embroidery machine can embroider ultra-thin materials without Pad paper Park, In the pattern with sparse stitch, there is no need to pad paper at all. It can be embroidered directly on ultra-thin materials such as Cogen yarn to help customers save costs.

5: High speed diversification, enhance added value Up to 1200 rpm, it is suitable for a variety of size lace products design, to meet and lead the market trends, enhancing the high added value of enterprises.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
    Tel: +86-29-68723798
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