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How are shoes made step by step?
Apr 15, 2021

1. Molding shoe technology:

Molded shoe process has bonded the outsole and the upper together, using the rubber outsole to produce the rubber flow and clamping pressure during the mold vulcanization process. Its outsole and upper are glued and connected under high temperature and high pressure of rubber, so the moulded shoe process has the characteristics of strong adhesion of the upper sole, resistance to glue opening, abrasion resistance, and resistance to flexing. Due to the long mold production cycle and slow changes in patterns and colors, molded shoes are suitable for the production of large-volume products.Products such as labor protection shoes, hiking shoes, and military and police shoes are mostly produced by molding. The molding process is a mold vulcanization process derived from a moldless vulcanization process, which is mostly used in leather shoe products.

2. Injection molding shoe technology:

The injection shoe process, also known as the continuous injection molding process, is a process that injects molten plastic into an outer mold and bonds it with the upper. The material of the outsole is mostly polyvinyl chloride, thermoplastic polyurethane, thermoplastic rubber and so on. Its process is to complete the bottom bonding assembly under the conditions of automatic feeding, plasticization, metering, injection, mold closing and mold opening, and molding, so it has the advantages of high production efficiency and automatic production. It is used in the production of leather shoes, cloth shoes, sports shoes and plastic shoes.


3. Vulcanized shoe process:

The vulcanization shoe process is a process in which raw films such as outsoles, welts, and outsourcing are bonded to the upper, then heated and pressurized in a vulcanizing tank to form a vulcanization process.The outsole of this process is divided into mouldless (calendering) and moulded forming, which is relatively rough and the quality is not easy to control, usually only low-end products can be produced. In recent years, due to the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the product grade has been greatly improved. Because vulcanized shoes are comfortable and economical in wearing, which have the characteristics of high efficiency and low cost in production, this process is still applied in the production of cloth rubber shoes, rubber shoes and leather shoes, its production volume is large.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
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