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How to operate KF94 Face Mask Machine safely?
Jun 02, 2021

The KF94 face mask is designed and manufactured as it give priority to the safety and health of consumers. It filters out some visible or invisible things that are harmful to the body, so it will not bring adverse effects to the body. KF94 masks use non-toxic, harmless, odorless, non-irritating, non-toxic and harmful substances and glass fiber polypropylene as the key raw material, Science and humanism design, High-quality material selection, high-quality products, which has several advantages. Such as soft and thick touch, high-efficiency filtering, anti-virus, removing odor, breathable and comfortable, clean, convenient to wear, healthy and safe, neat and beautiful.

This mask is produced by the KF94 Face Mask Machine as shown below.

How to operate safely?

Before moving the KF94 Face Mask Machine, you must loosen the level adjustment screws at the bottom of the machine; if the parts are assembled when the machine is packed, it must be assembled according to the marks made during the disassembly; the machine must be placed in a proper position. When fixing, please adjust the horizontal adjustment screw to make the machine level.

KF94 Face Mask Machine

Before powering on, use the ACV file of the meter to check whether the power supply voltage is consistent with and stable with the machine voltage (AC 220V, 50/60Hz, 1Phase). Only when the power supply is consistent and stable, which can the power supply be connected. Otherwise, it is easy to damage the ultrasonic system. The machine must be grounded to prevent leakage of electricity from hurting people. When inspecting or repairing the machine, it must be shut down to prevent accidents. Keep the inside and outside of the KF94 Face Mask Machine tidy, clean and free of debris. Do not open the electric box and ultrasonic system by non-professionals or maintenance personnel.

Common Failures:

A. Regularly apply anti-rust oil to the rust-prone parts

B. Whether the lubricating oil in the reducer is consumed, the oil level should be above and below the oil line

C. Whether the sprocket is loose and shifted

D. Each relay in the electric control box should not be loose and in good contact

E. Ultrasonic waves should have no abnormal sounds (such as screams, etc.)

F. The cooling fan at the rear of the ultrasonic box should operate normally. If any abnormality is found in the machine at both ends of the vibrator due to normal operation, the operator should immediately stop production and inform the relevant person in charge for correct processing.

G. The mold needs frequent maintenance to increase the service life.

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