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How to Repair Zigzag Sewing Machine?
Dec 09, 2019

Zigzag sewing machine is a special sewing machine. Double-needle zigzag sewing machine is a relatively simple pattern machine, which is widely used in clothing, shoes, hats, underwear, gloves, leather, luggage and other industries for decorative sewing.

zigzag sewingmachine

But when it has some troubles, what will you do? I will  to introduce some simple solutions about solve two-needle zigzag sewing machine. The most common problems of double-needle zigzag sewing machine-rolling thread, skip stitch, hair on needle tip and so on.

zigzag sewing

Rolling line

When the new equipment was just put into use, the "rolling line" is very common. Because the user usually uses a slightly thicker silk light than ordinary sewing threads when using the device to enhance the decorative effect, plus the device is running with two needles at the same time (that is, the two silk lights must pass through the rotary hook at the same time position) and the mating clearance of the new shuttle is generally very tight. So the rolling line failures occur from time to time. In this regard, maintenance workers or operators use abrasive sand for grinding treatment. It is not easy to "roll the line" if the clearance between the hooks is slightly increased; or we can change the new and old hook holders for effects.

Skip stitch

In addition, the skipping phenomenon of double needle zigzag sewing machine is also common. Since the double needle zigzag sewing machine has a large time difference in hooking when the needle swings to the left limit and right limit positions, high technical requirements are put forward for debugging. Generally speaking, we will set the hook line of the hook tip to the upper limit of the needle hole when the left needle is raised at the left limit during actual maintenance. At the same time, the right needle must have at least 1.5mm about the amount of pick-up at the right limit.

Of course, when sewing with special fabrics, we can consider adjusting the clearance between the left needle and the hook tip to the tangential state, and adjust the clearance between the right needle to a slight collision state, which can make up for difficulty in hooking due to small loops.

Fur on needle tip

Regarding the failure of "needle tip hair", this failure is mainly caused by the bobbin used randomly. In addition, if the thread passing wire on the bobbin case is deformed and bent inward, it will also easily touch the needle tip. In serious cases, it will cause needle breakage, so we must pay attention to it.

It is worth noting that as long as any device is flexibly debugged under the premise of mastering the principle, it can meet the needs of different users, and the double needle zigzag sewing machine is no exception. As long as we can flexibly adjust the feeding time and the setting time, we can adjust the triangle needles with completely different shapes. For example, when the time of the oscillating needle is adjusted so that the needle is about to leave the sewing material but not completely, the needle starts to oscillate. The triangle needle shape that appears is different from the shape of the standard oscillating needle.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
    Tel: +86-29-68723798
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