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Industrial Zigzag Sewing Machine for Leather sofa
Mar 29, 2021

Leather sofa is a common rest sofa for us in modern life. The Industrial Zigzag Sewing Machine for Leather sofa reflects the brilliance of the stitching. It is about processing fashionable colors or using leather sofa stitching, which is almost a perfect embodiment.

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Zigzag sewing machine is a product of popular choice in recent years. because the structure and shape of raw materials such as leather and canvas are more complex than clothing, leather sewing machines have different properties, especially the hanging cylinder and column front boxes. Topeagle 's Industrial Zigzag Sewing Machine is suitable for sewing large products such as tents, sails, mattresses, bags, etc., to meet the needs of leather sofa factories increasing productivity.

Although the zigzag sewing machine is mainly used to sew leather and thick materials in line sewing, there is no difference from ordinary sewing machines. The use is the same as a normal sewing machine. They are inseparable from the division of labor between the four institutions (for example, for leather sewing machines, the loose thread picking mechanism, recycling and traction mechanism are the keys.

The Industrial Zigzag Sewing Machine for Leather sofa meets the requirements of high-intensity work. Each working cycle of wiring and upper thread distribution works synchronously with the cloth feeding mechanism to form a suitable seam.

Leather sofa

The operation of the zigzag sewing mechanism is based on the up and down movement of the thread take-up drill. The thread take-up mechanism is usually a camel-case threading mechanism, which will affect any regular movement of thread tasks. When the needle passes through the sewing material, the needle and thread will be severely damaged. The ideal premise is that when the needle tip hangs the needle and the thread loop, the thread take-up can have a corresponding long pause. When the needle leaves the sewing material, the thread can be quickly retracted and tightened. The cam-type thread take-up mechanism can better meet these requirements than other types of thread take-up mechanisms, which has a simple structure. However, under high sewing speed, the parts are easy to wear, the speed should not exceed 1500 stitches a minute. When the thread moves upward, it is responsible for removing the top thread of the leather sewing machine from the shuttle frame, and tighten the stitch formed in the material to form a solid seam.

If you need purchase Industrial Zigzag Sewing Machine or for any inquiry or further information, welcome contact Topeagle International Ltd. would always provide you an all-in-one solution.

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