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Solutions to Common Problems of Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine
Jun 16, 2020

Analysis and elimination of common problems in hot air seam sealing machine operation:

Problem 1: When the fabric tape starts and stops, the burning line will appear, and the front or back-end paste effect is obviously not as good as the gap between the middle or the pressure band.

Cause: Initiation of the press wheel, stop swing in and out of synchronization with the hot air chamber, and improper debugging of the press wheel recession control.

Solution: Commissioning equipment, ensuring synchronization of pressing wheel startup and hot air chamber swing, ensuring that pressing wheel stop and hot air chamber swing out synchronously, and allowing a little reversal (i.e. retraction) after pressing wheel stop can eliminate the above problems.

Question 2: After pressing the hot sealing tape, one side shows good adhesion while the other side shows poor adhesion.

Cause 1: Fabric aggregates are too high.

Solution: Rotate the fan pressure to a concave wheel or increase the pressure of the upper pressure wheel to the rear pressure belt.

Cause 2: The bow is blocked by the hot air chamber nozzle ,the air volume is not uniform.

Solution: Clean up debris blocked hot air chamber nozzle or replace hot air chamber.

Cause 3: the pressure wheel wear is serious, resulting in uneven pressure when the fabric is pressed.

Solution: Replace the press wheel.

hot air seam sealing machine

Question 3: Linear bones of hot air seam sealing machine stick well, white spots or discounts appear on round and arc bones.

Cause: Due to improper operation.

Solution: The fabric on both sides of the moderate tightening, round, curved bone position attached to the pressure belt on the pressure wheel, arc, round bone pressure belt should be used relatively slowly.

Question 4: Fabrics are arranged side by side with several bones, whitening or water resistance will decrease after hot air pressure belts are placed for a period of time.

Reason: Because of the pressure belt bone position more, after several pressure belt, fabric coating can not withstand multiple heat caused.

Solution: Optional lying with thinner tape or, if the equipment allows, a one-time paste covers multiple bone bits to avoid repeated heating of the fabric.

Above is the solution to common problems of hot air seam sealing machine compiled by Topeagle International Ltd.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
    Tel: +86-29-68723798
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