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Standards of Industrial Sewing Machine
Apr 20, 2021

(1) The precision property of Industrial Sewing Machine can satisfy the production process requirements, the main accuracy basically meets the factory standard.

(2) The operating system is running normally and the variable speed is ok.

(3) The parts are intact, all assembled, the main body has no cracks and defects, the protective devices are complete and reliable.

(4) The lubrication system is complete, the oil line and the oil pad have good performance, the pipeline is intact and there is no aging phenomenon. The oil quality meets the requirements, the oil path is unobstructed, the oil window is bright, the oil mark is eye-catching, and there is no oil leakage.

(5) All operating systems are complete, sensitive and reliable, and the sliding parts operate normally.

Industrial Sewing Machine

(6) The inside and outside of the Industrial Sewing Machine are clean, no dirt, the original baking paint is not allowed to have serious paint peeling, and no beating scratches are allowed.

(7) The main parts are original assembly, replacement of spare parts shall not exceed 10% of the total number of parts except fragile parts.

(8) The depth of drawing and grinding of the "thread passing part" shall not exceed 12% of the original size, and there is no serious roughening or bruising on the sliding guide parts and parts.(9) The electrical system is sensitive and reliable, without leakage, and the installation meets the requirements. After the whole Industrial Sewing Machine is connected to the power supply, it can work normally.

(10) The accompanying accessories and materials (including the parts sample book and the machine manual) are basically complete, and they should be kept properly and not littered.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
    Tel: +86-29-68723798
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