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What is a Industrial Zigzag Sewing Machine composed of?
Mar 22, 2021

The Industrial Zigzag Sewing Machine has an electronic version, which can set straight, crescent, and needle-like zigzag seams on a sewing machine. Because of these zigzag seams, the activity rate of the equipment is greatly improved. It is the composed of head, machine foundation, transmission and accessories. The machine head is the main part of the zigzag machine, which is equivalent to the human brain.

Heavy Duty Zigzag Sewing Machine

Industrial Zigzag Sewing Machine is composed of four mechanisms of shuttle hook , thread hooking, thread take-up, and feeding and some auxiliary mechanisms. The function is very large. The movement of each mechanism is reasonably coordinated, the cycle work is controlled by itself. To sew up the sewing material, other parts are also very important. The machine base plays a role of supporting the machine head when the zigzag machine is sewing through. It is equivalent to the neck and spine. It can be used as a workbench during operation and has a larger purpose.

The transmission part is composed of a frame, a hand crank or a motor. It is absolutely impossible without a base. The frame is the pillar of the machine, supporting the table and pedals, which are equivalent to the bones of the human body. The operator stepped on it during use. The pedal, through the crank to drive the rotation of the pulley, saves time and effort, and drives the head to rotate through the belt, which is very convenient.

composed of

The accessories of the Industrial Zigzag Sewing Machine include some commonly used equipment such as needles, cores, knives, oilers, etc., occasionally some failures may occur, such as improper hook thread hooking time or excessively large gaps between the needles.

This kind of failure may often occur, the solution is to re-adjust the needle according to the correct position of the needle and the tip of the spinner. If the tip of the spinner is bad, then we have to grind the hook tip or replace it with a new hook.

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    Add: No.31 Zhangba Er Road, Xian, Shaanxi, China
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