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Why should we buy a Korean mask machine?
Oct 22, 2020

We buy a Korean mask machine, which has a high degree of automation and is controlled by PLC programming. It can emboss, fold, perforate, and trim the mask at one time. The special production process has clear lines. There is no deformation during production, which can minimize the waste of materials and guarantee the quality of the masks produced.

Buy Korean mask machine, it has following characteristics:

1. It is made of imported titanium alloy steel mold with unique craftsmanship.

2. It adopts PLC control, man-machine interface touch screen prompts, fully humanized operation concept.

3. It adopts ultrasonic cutting, the finished product is beautiful without burrs.

4. The frame part is made of aluminum alloy, which is beautiful and does not rust. It is equipped with a lack of material sensor, and it will automatically stop when there is no material. It is convenient to change the material.

Korean mask machine features

We have the following advantages to buy Korean mask machine:

1. The main components of the equipment adopt products to ensure the stable operation of the equipment.

2. The whole machine adopts aluminum alloy structure, iron parts are treated with anti-rust, the equipment is neat and beautiful.

3. Automatic alarm device, the alarm light flashes when failure occurs.

4. The fault is automatically prompted, and when a fault occurs, the location of the fault will be indicated on the display.

5. Historical fault information can be queried, It will facilitate maintenance and equipment improvement.

6. Automatically lack of material will stop, The warning light flashes and beeps and is displayed on the central control touch screen.

7. The earband machine has automatic foolproof function, continuous supply of abnormal earbands, the equipment will stop and prompt and warning lights will flash.

8. Since 2009, the industry has started to use stepper motors to replace rotating cylinders in earband machines.

9. Automatic speed control. When one earband machine is stopped, the speed of the main body machine is automatically reduced by 50% to adapt to the normal production of another earband machine, so as to achieve the purpose of stopping production without stopping. When the earband machine is stopped and restarted, the main machine can return to normal production speed to produce fully automatic operation and control.

10. Compared with stand-alone operation equipment, its advantages are obvious, and it can greatly save labor costs and management costs.

Korean mask machine

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