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Why CISMA 2021 Insists On Hosting?
Sep 14, 2021

At present, the global epidemic prevention and control has shown a normal trend, under the new situation, all industries need to innovate and adjust the mode of business. Sewing industry and the global sewing industry chain need a major event to boost industry confidence, showing China's sewing machinery into the powerful camp after the development results, to help downstream user industry accelerate the transformation and upgrading.

Sewing industry has emerged new changes and trends, especially the intelligent concept and production mode brought by Industry 4.0, the traditional industry model poses a challenge, downstream industry multi-species small-scale mode, requires us to achieve small single fast return, rapid response, which requires the equipment industry to adapt to the downstream industry demand changes, in the ordering , production mode, sales mode, logistics mode, etc. to increase the proportion of intelligence, digitalization, to our adjustment to keep up with the downstream industry.

CISMA 2021

At the same time, the outbreak has a continuous impact on the global industrial chain, upstream and downstream eager to dock supply and demand, understanding technology, communication of the authoritative platform, coupled with similar international exhibitions have been cancelled or postponed, global exhibitors and audiences on CISMA2021 expectations.

CISMA2021 is held in such an industry background - it is not only a platform to show the achievements of enterprise innovation, but also the convergence and microcosm of the global sewing industry's devolving; Guide the industry and user enterprises to focus on the domestic market, expand the specific embodiment of the international market.

It can be said that in the whole industrial chain into the key node of strong change, CISMA2021 will once again shoulder the historical mission.

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