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Hot air sealing is a kind of seamless glue technology
Mar 11, 2021

Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine is a kind of production equipment for seamless clothing. It uses hot-melt adhesive film to bond the fabrics together . The bonded clothing effect is smooth and soft , which does not damage the clothing fibers.

The bonding part has good airtightness, waterproof and windproof. Some outdoor clothing, functional jackets, swimsuits, underwear and other clothing can be made with a seamless hot-sticking machine. It can maintain the original elasticity of the fabric by bonding with it.

Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine

Working Principle:

As the name implies, the hot-sticking seamless machine is related to heat generation. The heat of the heating tube is transferred to the press-fitting part through a blower type or a metal heat-conducting type, then the cloth feeding parts are pressed and cooled before the bonding is completed. Generally, the entire bonding process is completed in two steps, which requires a glue trimming machine and a Hot Air Seam Sealing Machine. The former is used to glue a film on one side of a single fabric and trim the edges at the same time. The latter is to fold the edge of the fabric with the glue film or glue another piece of fabric.

Hot air sealing

Bonding standards:

A good adhesive effect is that the relative surface of the fabric is melted into 1/3 of the adhesive film and 1/3 of the adhesive film is retained in the middle.. After the bonding is completed, the tensile strength of the clothing and the number of times of washing water are related to the nature of the film, the appropriate film is selected according to the requirements of the clothing design.

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