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What problems will occur in the mask production process?
Jan 14, 2021

There are three main problems: one is insufficient resumption rate and difficulty in recruiting personnel; second, the production of face mask machine is unstable; third, there are difficulties in peripheral issues such as production qualifications, support, selection of raw materials, and application of raw materials.

There are many reasons for the stability of the equipment. I divided it into two parts, one is the face mask machine itself, and the other is the problem of raw materials, which is also a major factor affecting production.

face mask machine


In terms of fabrics, the width and thickness of meltblown fabrics and non-woven fabrics will directly affect the normal use of machinery and equipment. For example, in the actual production process, if the fabric is wider, it may exceed the machine's shaping range during the shaping process, and many problems will be encountered in the process of wrapping the nose bridge. In extreme cases, the defect rate caused by us exceeds 50%, and a lot of time, energy and materials are lost in the process of debugging, which is very scary.

If the tape is not properly shaped, it may cause the mask to not be folded smoothly, the nose clip line folds to accumulate wrinkles, the pressure welding formed by the body is not good enough, or the welding action of the edge banding is not completed. it is a common phenomenon in the production of masks. Among all the bad factors, the bad rate caused by plastic surgery problems accounts for 40%-60%.

Fabric of face mask

Nose bridge:

The width, thickness, and flexibility of the bridge of the nose, whether it contains iron wire, whether it is one iron wire or two iron wires, will have different effects on different equipment. For example, iron wire will definitely have a great influence on the wear of the knife.

The bridge of the nose is the second largest contributor to the defect rate.

The problem with the bridge of the nose may be due to two reasons: one is that as mentioned former, the plastic surgery is not good, the wrapping is not smooth; the other is that the cutting of the nose will break the edge. It is not only broken, it will cause many problems. For example, it may be cut continuously, or the angle of the cut is not good, resulting in accumulation or dislocation of the nose bridge.

Nose bridge of medical face mask

Because our masks require that the bridge of the nose must be centered, if the position is off, the mask is theoretically unqualified. At least when it is worn, it will cause some trouble to us.

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